Lake of Dreams from roy two thousand on Vimeo.

Lake of Dreams - Burning Man 2013

Film and Music by Roy Two Thousand roy2k.com/
Additional footage by August Winkelman and Connor McNeill
Produced by Roy Two Thousand and Crystal Dawn Davis
Drums and Percussion by Anthony Mogli Maureal

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Made possible from the support of many many people, especially my kickstarter backers!
I’m very grateful for the huge amount of love and support I’ve recieved during the creation of this film
Thank you so much for watching, sharing, liking, and commenting:) YOU ARE AWESOME!!

DROP THE GUN - NEW TEASER from Andrew Adams on Vimeo.

Shredtown’s “Drop the Gun” is available on DVD and iTunes.

DVD: shredtown.com/store
Itunes: georiot.co/1ENn

Render ON from str9led on Vimeo.

This wideo created on Blender 2.71 and Octane Render.

Total render time: 31h one GTX 680 
One frame: 2 - 3 min
Smoke simulation and OpenGL smoke amination rendering: 30 min

Blog post blendervisual.blogspot.com/2014/08/render-on-blender-and-octane-render.html

Motion Graphic Cinema 4d and AE from str9led on Vimeo.

This video created on Cinema 4d and Adobe After Effects

Render Time: 10h CPU i7 3770K

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Ford Mustang CGI by str9led from str9led on Vimeo.

This wideo created on Blender 2.71 and Octane Render

Total render time: ~40h
Kernel: Path Trace 500 samlpes

reduce noise ae

car and street model by silviuq12 tf3dm.com/user/silviuq12
tire model by redwind33556 blendswap.com/blends/view/72974